About Iron Diamond Fitness

Iron Diamond Fitness LLC is dedicated to creating lasting miracles in the lives of others. Our clients will experience pure truth and realistic goal setting in whichever services best align with his/her passions and paths in life.

MISSION: Always striving to make a difference in every human interaction. We aim to leave people feeling inspired, empowered, uplifted and enlightened after any session from our wealth of services.

Coach Karli is an accomplished Running Coach & Health & Fitness Professional based in New York City, who holds the following training certifications:


  • RRCA L1+L2 & VDOTO2 Run Coaching

  • KettleBell Athletics L1+L2

  • Pre/Post-Natal

  • PowerPlate

  • EFTI Tier 3

  • TRX

Coach Karli, believe we will conquer all challenges we face by harnessing our positive energies and developing new assertions in all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.